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WARES is a service which aims to increase the generation of renewable energy by communities through leveraging the opportunities that exist within water utilities’ assets bases. WARES has  uncovered previously unexplored opportunities for renewable energy generation from within the activities, property, and assets of the water utilities. For example, water utilities have land which has running water, pipes which generate heat and spaces with high wind potential where there is an opportunity to introduce renewable technologies.

The overall objective of WARES has been to create, demonstrate and promote a new model for maximising the community and socio-economic benefits and secure local, sustainable development.  The service that WARES has developed has been a public-private-partnership model (PPP), with a view to creating enterprises that are partnerships between utilities and their neighbouring communities to exploit the potential that exists.Services Diagram

Here is an example of the WARES service in action in County Mayo


The WARES service is intended for  use by a wide range of organisations, ranging from regional economic development agencies, communities, water utilities, group water schemes and local, regional and national governments.

The overall objective of WARES was to create, demonstrate and promote a new model for maximising the community and socio-economic benefits and secure local, sustainable development. This has now been achieved by a combination of knowledge, experience and transnational co-operation across each of the partner regions, leaving a coherent, robust yet flexible service which is available to the intended participants listed above.

WARES has a wide range of open source materials available to anyone who is looking to engage in local community sustainable development and they can be accessed directly from this website or by contacting the Lead Partner, IRRI on + 44 (0) 131 290 2750.

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Available in pdf and i-Book* format.

*For iPad/iPhone/OS X 10.9 users:The Apple iBooks app must be installed on the iPad/iPhone first. It is able to open on OS X 10.9 without additional software. The WARES iBook can be downloaded by clicking the iBook link from Safari only (not from Chrome etc). The iBook link can also be opened from Apple Mail app on the iPad, if it is sent via email.

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