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WARES will provide a service that creates innovative renewable energy solutions for remote areas by finding unused or hidden opportunities for renewable energy generation within the activities and property of the water industry sector.

The overall objective of WARES is to provide a new model for maximising community, socio-economic benefits from proximity to large-scale industries, in this case the water industry, and secure local sustainable development from the hidden potential within the industry for renewable energy generation.

WARES will establish partnerships between the water industry and its neighbouring communities to exploit this potential, sourcing the capital investment required to commercialise these opportunities from the private sector, and creating Public Private Partnerships to implement the business opportunity.

It will provide the benefits of increased renewable energy generation, reduced energy costs for the water sector, enterprise and job creation for the local community, renewable energy for the local community, and finally a financial return to increase the prosperity of the local community by re-investment in other social projects.


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